Print Your Own Schedule!

Hey, everyone! As many of you have been asking us for a version of the schedule that you can print out before the con, we’ve got a copy for you right here! At the convention itself we will have large copies of this schedule displayed at prominent places around the RCC, such as Info and Con Ops. Descriptions of each panel (as well as their times/locations) will be in the same panel guides as have been available for the past few years. The conbook, of course, will be available as well with maps and general hours.

As always, however, Guidebook is and will remain the best and most up-to-date source of information and changes. What is available on paper may not be up-to-date, although we will do our best to make these changes on the large schedules at the con.

(If you want to print this, switch your printer to landscape and you should be good to go!)

Printable Schedule