Karaoke Contest

Come on stage and sing your heart out! We’ve got the audience and the music.. all we need is the star!


What is the Karaoke Contest?

In actuality, this contest is less karaoke and more of an American Idol-style singing competition. Entrants provide their own music, and no words or teleprompts are provided. Somehow, in the ancient past of Animazement, this thing got called the “Karaoke Contest”, and we have yet to think of a better name!

Please familiarize yourself with the following rules!


  • For Animazement 2017, signups will be at the Karaoke Box from 5pm until 6:45 pm on Friday of the convention.
  • As in previous years, we will be selecting contestants by lottery. There will be up to 20 contestants this year, drawn from the pool of signups. This is determined by a randomization function performed on a spreadsheet of entries, so it is completely random.
  • Your song must be from an anime, a video game, Jpop, Jrock, or some other Japanese/Asian source.
  • To prevent a situation where the same song gets sung four or five times in the contest, no more than 2 groups may perform the same song. We determine sameness.

When you sign up, you must provide your music. The best ways to give us this music are either on a CD, or with some USB storage device (thumb drive, external HD). If this USB storage device is something other than a thumb drive, you must provide the cables to attach it to our computer. We will not permit people to log into accounts on the contest laptop to download files.

It is best if you provide us with an MP3, as we cannot guarantee that other file formats will work on the laptop we use for the contest. Please mind that any Apple-format files will not work (e.g CDA files).

Music (not lyrics) from the Karaoke Box are available for you as well.

Once you are signed up, you are signed up. No revisions are permitted.

The Contest

By [TBD], we will have a list of everyone in the contest posted outside of Convention Operations, at the Information Desk in the main lobby, and the Karaoke Box. Check the sheet to see if you got in! If you’re in, meet up outside Ballroom C no later than [TBD] so we can get everyone situated prior to the contest. Even if you are not in the 20 selected to perform, you may still get a chance at competition if a selected contestant is absent. Make sure you have eaten, are hydrated, medicated, taken a power nap, whatever you need to be healthy! You gotta be your best!

  • Be certain to check the schedule so you know when the event begins. As times are subject to change, we are not placing that information here. The most up-to-date information is on Animazement’s 2017 Guidebook.  You can find a link to this on the front page of this site.
  • Each contestant will have 3 minutes to perform. Do not worry if your song is longer than 3 minutes, we will fade you out at the 3 minute mark.
  • If you need to adjust a microphone for your instrument, you will be given a few seconds to get that done.
  • Before your song, you may have a few seconds to say something like “This song goes out to my mom,” etc.
  • No apologizing for your singing! You get up there and sing your heart out!
Are you ready to sing your heart out?
Is yours the song that will pierce the heavens?
Come sign up for the karaoke contest and find out!

prize cateogories

1st Place TBA
2nd Place TBA
3rd Place TBA

These categories are determined by scores and the judges’ deliberation.

There is also the coveted Salmon Award!

  • Your clothing must remain on. If you toss off your jacket or a hat, no biggie. If shirts or pants start coming off, you are outta here. A good rule of thumb is that you may expose no more skin than was exposed when you came on stage.
  • You must remain on the stage during your performance. Falling off is one thing. Jumping off intentionally is another.
  • You must cause no damage to any of the equipment, tables, chairs, audience members, etc.
  • All other AZ policies and rules apply.

The contest will be judged by a panel of judges, good and true, who will assign you points based on your ability to carry a tune, your ability to get by with the language your song is in, and your ability to get the audience into your performance (e.g., getting them clapping with peppy songs and swaying to slow songs, etc.)

The use of instruments is permitted, subject to the following restrictions:

  • We do not provide electricity for you to plug in amplifiers, nor do we allow or provide for you to hook your instrument into the sound system. This could cause undue complication and for this reason it is not allowed.
  • If you require amplification for your instrument, one of the microphones on stage can be adjusted to the proper height for your instrument.
  • We are fairly open to whatever instruments you want to use on stage. However, anything that requires complicated setup is not recommended, as we only give you a few seconds before starting your music.