Animazement is always looking for dedicated individuals interested in having a hands-on experience and improving Animazement. This interest may vary from serving for a few hours to working through the tracks to serve on staff. Regardless of where you fit in the overall plan, we appreciate your interest! Frequently asked questions are listed below, you may also join our email list or email the Volunteer Coordinator.



Volunteers must be 16+ years of age. Staff must be 18 or older.

All volunteers must abide by all rules and policies set forth by Animazement and the Raleigh Convention Center. These are in place to protect volunteers, guests, and attendees by providing safe guidelines.

Volunteer Table Hours

(near Con Ops – Room 402)

Day Hours
Thursday 6:00PM – 10:00PM
Friday 9:00AM – 10:00PM
Saturday 9:00AM – 10:00PM
Sunday 9:00AM – 4:00PM


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AZ Bee (ages 16+):

AZ Bee volunteers are paid attendees and must have their own Animazement badge. These volunteers sign-in and wait at the Volunteer Table for opportunities to help. You may signup online ahead of time to make the initial check-in quicker. Come by the Volunteers Table near Con Ops (Room 402) to learn more and start working!

No set hours, may volunteer as much/little as desired
Costumes may be worn while volunteering
Work 6+ hours to earn an Animazement T-Shirt (while supplies last)
Work 8+ hours to earn an exclusive AZ Bee button (while supplies last)
Work 14+ hours to earn a badge for next year’s Animazement

Staff (ages 18+):

Staff are experienced volunteers assigned to a specific division. They must work a minimum of 20 hours total between Thursday and Sunday at the con. Previous convention volunteer experience as an AZ Bee is preferred (12+ hours) and must be available for an interview with a department head and director.

Potential Benefits:

Staff T-shirts
Weekend badge
Staff meal plan
Hotel space (if available)


The AZ Bee volunteer positions are always available since you just have to visit the Volunteer Table near Con Ops and start working! For staff positions, you can indicate your interest on the volunteer signup form and there may or may not be a fit that year.
First, signup to volunteer as an AZ Bee (attendee volunteer) to become familiar with the different tasks and departments. If you prove yourself to be reliable and dedicated as an AZ Bee, then your name will stand out when a staff opening becomes available. Please indicate your interest in staffing on the volunteer signup form and any areas that you think would make a good fit.
In 2016, our attendance was over 14,000 people and we had over 300 volunteers and staff! Large events (cosplay, masquerade, concerts) need more people at one time and may be your best opportunity to help if you do not plan to attend the event. Bring your friends!
Yes, our AZ Beez are attendee volunteers and must be a registered and paid attendee of Animazement at the time of their volunteer service. You will need to pick-up your badge prior to volunteering. If you volunteer for 14 or more hours, then you can earn a free badge for the next year!
AZ Beez are our general volunteers so they are not assigned to just one division. There are a range of tasks including delivering items, working at registration, handing out con books and lanyards, controlling lines, monitoring for safety and security, guarding artwork, and much more.
Yes! AZ Bee volunteers may sign-in and out at the Volunteer Table throughout the con so you can still host/attend panels and enjoy the many scheduled events. Staff must work more hours as noted above, but may attend their favorite parts of the con if they notify their team coordinator.
Yes, AZ Bee volunteers may wear their cosplay as long as it does not interfere with their assigned task. You will also need to wear our yellow Animazement vests while volunteering to indicate that you are on the job. For Staff and above, we require you to wear your staff T-shirts so you are quickly recognizable by attendees in need of assistance.
No, AZ Bee volunteers may work as little or as much as they want. You may sign-in and out in order to attend specific events and enjoy the con. Staff must work more hours as noted above, but may attend their favorite parts of the con if they notify their team coordinator.
No specific skills are required to volunteer. However, if you do have experience or skills that may be helpful please let us know!

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